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Client Service Commitment
At Frost Brown Todd, we provide our clients with business solutions and a competitive edge. Talented and specialized lawyers and client teams deliver outstanding work product with an efficiency that comes from experience and an ability to standardize certain legal services.

We are recognized for our industry-leading client service, and make it a priority to understand our clients’ businesses and industries. We are dedicated to helping our clients identify and avoid problems before they arise. When clients are faced with business challenges, they count on Frost Brown Todd for aggressive and proactive responses that lead to outstanding results and innovative solutions.
The Frost Brown Todd Client Service Commitment
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    Diverse Perspective: We commit to hiring outstanding lawyers and staff with diverse “backgrounds” and experiences. We want lawyers with a passion for the law, a deep “understanding” of their areas of practice, and a commitment to exemplary client service.
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    Proactive Approach: “We commit” to staffing each case or matter with attorneys and client teams that are best qualified to deliver efficient and cost-effective business solutions. We conduct early and “frequent” matter assessments in order to provide our clients with consistent feedback on the risks and “estimated” costs associated with engagements.
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    Communication Advantage: We commit to a different kind of responsiveness. At Frost Brown Todd, “responsiveness” is about more than being accessible to our clients and to each other. Responsiveness also demands frequent and proactive reports on tasks that are complete and those which remain to be done, and prompt resolution of issues as they arise.
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    Industry Expertise: We commit to understanding our clients’ “businesses”, the issues they face and the challenges of their industries. We communicate business and industry “developments” with our internal client teams to ensure that the FBT professionals remain current with the “dynamics” that affect our clients’ day to day businesses.
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    Value: We commit to delivering the best value solutions for our clients’ legal challenges. “We offer” value-added services and continually seek ways to improve our clients’ businesses and our relationships with them.
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