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Dissertation/Thesis - Editing and Proofreading

Writing is an important activity of our day to day life. It is not a simple task as we think. Only we get good quality after the series of process. Dissertation and proofreading are the final steps to improve the quality of an academic paper. We can perform this task only after the completion of paper writing. Many people have a wrong concept about the editing and proofreading, that is both editing and proof reading are the two names for the same thing. But actually editing and proofreading are not same and they are entirely different in their process. Editing has an alternate purpose to proofreading, and happens at an alternate stage in the writing process. The final result of your writing will be determined by how well your dissertation or thesis paper meets the standard structure and format of writing. A well formatted and perfect paper makes an impression in readers mind.

Editing includes a nearby reading and re-reading of this written paper. For instance, you may enhance the quality of the expression by removing of ambiguities, repetitions, or you may enhance the structure of your contention by using proper connecting words between passages, transitional expressions, or sentences that terminate your principle point. When you edit your work, you are expecting to enhance the sense and rationale of your material. Proofreading happens after the editing procedure, with the last form of your paper. When you are performing proofreading, you are searching for errors that may have gotten away from the editing procedure, for example, spelling, punctuation, cases, and other kind of mistakes. This process is not for sense, but rather for mechanics. When you have corrected these mistakes, you will get perfect final drafts that are ready for the submission.

Editing simplify our paper and making it simple for the readers who read our paper. Editing process has three sub parts that are looking our paper in three different ways.

  • Editing for structure: it enables the reader to take after the logics of your contention.
  • Editing for language and method: proper use of language structure and consistency in writing style and method enable the reader to focus on the written substances.
  • Proofreading: it helps to find and replace of the spelling mistakes, conflicting in design and other mistakes to enable the reader to stay concentrated on your written work.

Many people are stuck with editing and proofreading problems. They fail to perform editing and proofreading process and they struggle to submit quality paper to their instructors. Mainly they don’t know where to start and how to start editing and proofreading process. From the earliest starting point you have to begin arranging the structure and style of your theory before you start writing it. You should discover the traditions required for your train, regardless of whether there is a specific style manual you will be required to take after, what referencing framework should be utilized, and so on. Settling on and getting some answers concerning these from the earliest starting point will spare you a ton of time later on in the undertaking. Language is another important thing in writing process. If you have worries about your aptitudes in formal written English language, you have to look for guidance and help as right on time as conceivable in the written work process. Request that your supervisor how get some answers concerning what other workgroups might be accessible. Toward the end in the event that you have taken after the arranged structure and style, at that point editing these features of your work should be a moderately direct check for consistency.

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